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Faster, More Accurate Results

Posted: 20/11/17

The new world we live in necessitates continuous frustration when it comes to using our insurance benefits. This can be most noticeable when someone is trying to get equipment and supplies that are needed to continue living a safe and healthy life in our homes. Insurances require detailed paperwork from physicians just for the insurance to look at your needs. And if the physician misses any details then you may get to go back for more visits to get everything documented just so you can use benefits that you are paying for. Mobility Plus understands the frustration this creates. To streamline as much of the paperwork as we can we try to get physicians to help both of us by using DMEevalumate offers the physician a truly interactive process that allows practitioners to create accurate face-to-face evaluations that comply with Medicare-required documentation and tailors the process to the equipment/supplies that the patient needs.

The fastest way for you to get the equipment you need is for your physician to use DMEevalumate. We can help your physician get enrolled or we can let you know who uses this system.